The Felling of Nortlend

Becoming a Candidate

Shortly after presenting the goblin heads to the captain of the guard, Lord Varus sprints away from the party with no indication of his destination. As the party had not yet formed much of a bond with this elf, they thought little of it and did not follow him. Bard Pitt, now relieved of his cackling fever, and J5 whose stomach had settled from the bear meat decided to return to the party via the portal. The morning on which they choose to return, a strange man approaches Rafiki Ja’far Wallace in an alleyway, seemingly enthralled by his bound demon, Kovu. This man presents Rafiki Ja’far Wallace with two books. One of these books is a Dwarven/Common dictionary and the other is a book written entirely in Dwarven. After reading a couple lines, Rafiki Ja’far Wallace decides it would be most beneficial for him to spend a few days reading and translating this book, so he rents a room and leaves the party. He informs Ragnar the Red that the portal will be in his room and gives him a spare key.

The three remaining members, not wishing to venture through the portal with only 3 memebers, decide to head to town hall to seek out quests. They are granted a party with the mayor who tells him the only work he has available is as campaign advisor for his upcoming re-election. Initially they decide to take up this burden, but upon remembering that the half-human Bard Pitt is also half-elf, that he would be eligible to run for mayor. So using his bard-like wit and charm, he flirts up the receptionist and asks how he might enter his name into the running. He learns that he must gather 500 supporters prior to election day, she recommends to gain much favor that he could retrieve the long lost sword of Walcheard and after searching out more information, he learns it was taken by a half-orc belonging to the orcish settlement in the Vareln Woods. They spend the night at the Splendiforous Hero and set out on horse in the morning.

They reach the woods and begin seeking out signs of orcs. J5, is unable to notice anything, but Bard Pitt sees a trail and is able to determine the direction of the orcs’ hideout. They slowly ride on for a few more hours. Since they slept at the entrance to the woods, it is only mid-day, but it appears to me growing colder and dimmer. Soon however they come into a clearing under the towering trees in which they see cliff-like hills. The front of which is dotted with alcoves containing severed heads, some human, some dwarf, some elf, and even some orc. As they approach they notice an orc walk into a small entrance, but he did not seem to notice the adventurers. Upon looking closer, J5 realizes that one of the few orc heads, located near the entrance, actually seems to be alive, so he speaks out to it. As it turns out it was not a live head, but a live orc who pulls his head into the cave, to emerge shortly after with three more orcs in tow. The party quickly slays them, and J5 yells out to the orcs remaining in the cavern, taunting them. They hear much arguing inside over whose hunting party would get to slay the intruders. During this time, the party prepares an ambush. Two waves of orcs come out to greet the adventurer’s, one after the other. The party is left quite near death after slaying these two hunting parties. They then hear a gruff voice from within the cave, to catch their breath’s before beginning to fight him. The party takes a short rest and a massive group of orcs emerges from the shadows to fight. Soon an orc shaman also emerges from the shadows and strikes them all prone with lightening, and they are then submitted to a volley of arrows from the archers at his sides. After many minutes of fighting, the party has slain all but a rampager and the shaman. About this time, Bard Pitt falls unconscious. During the course of the day the other two had both also done so. The party was now out of all healing and potions. The two upright members make short work of the two last orcs. Ragnar the Red rushes over to Bard Pitt’s side to attempt to stabilize him, but on his way over, Bard Pitt rises off of the ground, causing the other two to think he had possibly been faking it.

With no more orcs coming from the shadows and piles of dead bodies around them, the party takes a short rest before delving into the hideout. Before they come across any diverging passages, or doors, they are confronted with spinning blades blocking the path. The blades enter the passage at seemingly random location and random intervals. The party finds no way to turn them off, so they attempt to run through without being hit. J5 sustains only minor damage and the other two were safe. A four way intersection now confronts them and they decide to split as to check all passages. They believe no more orcs live in these caverns. J5 takes left, and eventually comes upon a bedroom where it appears the orcs would sleep. Inside remains one orc, who attacks J5 upon his entry, J5 kills him and returns to the intersection. Ragnar the Red who headed straight at the intersection soon comes across a door. He opens the door to find a false floor trap, but he jumps back in time to avoid it. He jumps over the hole and continues his journey. He climbs up a ladder through a trapdoor and finds himself in a room with a pool of water in the middle. The water appears to be ordinary. The chamber has three other exits. He heads left and finds himself in the same room coming from the right passage, so he heads to the one he has not been in and it also returns him to the rightmost passage, so he head back down that and finds himself in a treasure room which he proceeds to loot. Bard Pitt had taken the right passageway at the intersection and finds himself faced with crossbow turret traps. After failing to disarm the trap, he decides on jumping over the pressure plates and suceeds. After passing a left branching path, he finds a small sitting room with a small chest and returns to the branch to follow it.

Above his head he sees a cylinder with water dripping out of it, but continues onward to find a “T” intersection at which he heads left. He finds a chamber consisting of only a lever. He pulls the lever, a poisonous dart glances off of his armor and he hears water crashing down. At this time, Ragnar the Red, in the room with the pool, notices the pool drain. Bard Pitt heads to investigate the sound to discover that the water dripping cylinder opened up, unleashing water and the sword of Walcheard. At this time J5 meets up with Bard Pitt and they decided to take the last unexplored route. This last path leads to one last chamber in which is a shrine to Gruumsh, and has two coffins, containing the ancient king and queen of orcs from when they had once ruled all of nortlend. On their heads lie crowns. Bard takes the king’s crown and J5 the queen’s. They all reconvene at the intersection, once again run past the spinning blades and make it safely back to the Palace of the Gods a night of rest.




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