The Felling of Nortlend

First Four Days

The party meets Tim in the tavern. He asks them to find the horn of Rendil. He offers them 1000 gold pieces each. He tells them not much about its location other than in the desert to the east. After talking to an elderly man who is of no help, Vladmir Gacy-Bateman tries to intimidate the father of a young child for information on the horn. Although he was not very intimidating the father felt pity on this desperate creature and sent him to the scholarly man of Rolund for help.

Rolund was willing to be of help but his wife Erla was sick and needed the root of a shrin mushroom to heal her. The party offered to harvest the roots for him while he studied his library for information regarding the horn. They enter the forest to the north and on their way to the roots location, they stumble upon a bandit camp. They clear the camp and continue on their journey, following the cold draft known to emanate from the shirn field. They find the field but alas the only intact shrooms are right next to a snake’s den. Vladmir Gacy-Bateman fey steps over to the roots while Rafiki Ja’far Wallace uses ghost whisper to ensure he harvests properly. Upon returning to Rolund they discover he has a bounty of information, but before he can relay it onto the party Vladmir Gacy-Bateman once again tests out his intimidation following J5‘s suggestion. Rolund forks over his life’s savings and kicks them out of his house.

Now out of luck, the party decides to journey east to check out the desert. They stumbled on a ward of sealing magically implanted in the sand. Although the party has a hunch that they could find a wizard in the swamp past the shrin field J5 decides to try digging through the seal against the party’s bequest. He is able to fight through the fire swarming up around him and continue to dig, but eventually Rafiki Ja’far Wallace, while laughing, uses his mage hand to dig up the sand and form a staircase down into the ruins. They all run through the seal, some taking some mild damage.

Now in the ruins they first fight some skeletons who arise at their entering. After demolishing them they proceed to fight two small were-rats and a swarm of regular rats. Upon Rafiki Ja’far Wallace killing the rat swarm, Bard Pitt writes a haiku about him. Inside the ruins they find a library, with the majority of the books being completely destroyed. However they do find a book detailing the party’s own Ragnar the Red and his exploits who then steals the bucket from a well.

The next room the venture into holds a friendly undead elf. They converse with him and learn that he has been trapped by a wizard in this room for countless years. Well before the sinking of the ruins. He tells them that the gong outside of his room will unleash him from his curse. Little did they know that doing so would turn him evil and provoke attack. J5 decides freeing him is the best option while all the others disagree. J5 still rings the gong and the elf attacks. He teleports right in front of Bard Pitt, who drops his flute in surprise. J5 then steps on the flute while backing away in fear. Bard, devastated by the course of events unleashes a blood-curdling yell from his golden wind-pipe. This scream of agony dazes the elf but also causes Bard Pitt to lose his voice. This puts him out of commission for a while. The remainder of the party slays the elf.

In the room, Vladmir Gacy-Bateman finds a book of vile darkness. They return to a trap door under a carpet they had passed early. J5 gives it a goliath stomp, falling into darkness. He only manage to gather a few scrapes and bruises. They realize there is a passage way leading off into the darkness but that it is so narrow only Vladmir Gacy-Bateman or Rafiki Ja’far Wallace could fit through. Rafiki Ja’far Wallace refuses but Vladmir Gacy-Bateman takes this venture on his own. After coming to a couple dead-ends he eventually jumps a pit to find a small sitting room with a locked chest. In the chest is a sealed scroll. He manages to find his way back out and they journey onward. After some cunning tricks they clear a hall of swinging axes with only Ragnar the Red taking minor damage. They also briefly enter an empty bedroom to find a ghostly aura urging them out. It makes them feel cold and slows their movement slightly. This aura then follows them out of the room.

They find themselves in a King’s Court with Alahir the evil drow from the golden principality sitting on the throne. It turns out that Alahir never really rebelled but a female dopelganger has been impersonating him all these years. After determining the horns resting place they slay her and her ghoulish minions. The aura that had been following them dissipated. Vladmir Gacy-Bateman was then lowered down the garbage chute in the kitchen down which Alahir had thrown the king and his horn. He discovers the aura was the dead king who then converses with him and hands over the horn.

As they leave they find Tim standing at the top of the stairs demanding the horn. Noticing that Tim fears entry they run back inside to rest and recuperate. They then returned, refusing to hand the horn over to him. He summons 6 zombies and 2 skeletons and mass chaos breaks out. The party slays all of the zombies and taken a good chunk out of the rest, but with many of the party being on the verge of unconsciousness. Tim then cuts his on forearm open spilling his blood into the sand. The sand around him turns red and begins to boil. This scares Ragnar the Red away from him and towards one of the two remaining skeletons. Out of the bubbling sand raises 5 more zombies. :Rafiki Ja’far Wallace then attacks Tim, pulling him down the stairs and into the seal he so feared. He is instantly vaporized. Rafiki Ja’far Wallace, MVP. The newly formed zombies collapse in a heap, leaving only one bloodied skeleton for the party to finish off.

They then proceed towards Rendil to find out about the horn. Rendil turns out to be a shanty of a town with the resident king a poor drunkard. While they can find no information about the horn they hear rumor of a bandit camp in the mountains to the north. They collectively decide to vanquish this and gear up, ready to take off.

tl;dr Rafiki Ja’far Wallace: MVP



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