The Felling of Nortlend

Slaying the Troll King

By the morning after the party reappeared in the city with the sword, Rafiki Ja’far Wallace had finished reading his book which turned out to be the Enchant Item Ritual. Something he mastered while they were off slaying orcs. Now with the ability to enchant items, the party no longer needs to squander their time searching through town for new and better items.

Armed with the sword of Walcheard, Bard Pitt, Ragnar the Red, and Rafiki Ja’far Wallace take to the streets, inviting everyone they see to the town center to watch a show of magnificence all while riding atop Felicity. These three had sent J5 back to the castle to clean up. As it turns out, while sick from the raw bear meat, he had puked in all corners of the castle and returned without cleaning it up. The three arrive at the town center to find a crowd of over 500 has gathered to watch their spectacle. Ragnar the Red and Bard Pitt exhibit a display of magic and acrobatics all centered around the Sword of Walcheard. At the end, they present the sword to the curator of the museum telling him to display it with Bard Pitt’s name as the donor. During the course of the event, Rafiki Ja’far Wallace stands in the shadows while magically yelling Bard Pitt propaganda from various locations in the crowd. This yelling riles up the crowd and really gets them on Bard’s side. Prior to the show, Bard Pitt enlisted the help of a small child to run through the crowd collecting signatures.

Now only a few signatures short, they run around town, going door to door, asking for signatures and finally break the 500 mark as they return to the Splendifirous Hero for the night. They bring the signatures to the town hall to ensure his place on the ballot and discover the election is a month away with a debate almost directly proceeding it. Banking on the success of the magic show and word of mouth, they decide their is no point waiting around for a month campaigning, but can instead adventure to return just in time. Initially they decide to return to Havern so they can place the portal in a secure location while journeying through it but quickly turn around to head east instead, venturing towards the heart of the Varelyn Woods. During the cart ride, Bard Pitt dons Ragnar the Red’s spectacles and also masters the enchant item ritual.

As they reach the woods, they disembark the cart to continue on foot. Ragnar, however will not leave Felicity and jumps on her back. They enter the forest at the same place as last to find it untouched. They travel through the lush green landscape and soon pass the orc trail veering north but continue past. Their trek has thus far consisted of nothing but tranquility, birds chirping, squirrels darting from tree to tree, and to Rafiki Ja’far Wallace’s enjoyment, an occasional rabbit sighting. As they continue however, this peace diminishes. The forest quickly changes from a joyful happy place to one of dead silence and a hovering fear of eminent danger. The brave adventurers, wishing to dispel this ominous feeling as quickly as possible, yell out to whatever may be lurking in the shadows; A challenge to reveal and a challenge to fight is issued. Soon after, the sounds of uprooting trees fill their ears, accompanied by primal grunts and growls. Ahead of them they see trees falling down at an alarming rate and within them are two giant green grotesque trolls. The heroes soon recognize these two as the troll king, Skalmad, and his bodyguard who are said to inhabit these woods although many believe it to be make-believe to keep kids from venturing too far. They quickly brace for battle. This may have been one of the most grueling battle fought by the party. They spend minutes of tactical fighting attempting to avoid the trolls’ massive reach while still landing their own strikes. A welcom suprise occured when upon slaying the bodyguard he exploded into bits. The burst hurt many of them but also appeared to kill the king. He however arose shortly and every other time it appeared that they killed the king he soon rose back on his feet; still flowing with life. Finally Ragnar the Red envelops him in flame ending any life he may have still clung to. Around the troll’s neck hung a giant key. Ragnar the Red with his ethusiasm for locks and keys desperately desired to find the lock to which this key pertained.

So after resting up they set out to find the trolls’ lair. It turned out to be located in a run down building in the middle of a swamp. The floor was littered with bones. Every step they took was emphasized with a crunch below. They took to digging through the graveyard to discover a few treasures here and there. Heading out back they find a massive cage inside which is captive a trodgolyte. They converse with him and decide to let him go out rather than rot. Although the trodgolye’s intentions were good, his draconic speaking spawn lurking in the shadows knew not what the adventurer’s wanted with their leader and father so battle ensued. Not wishing to see his offspring vanquished the now released captive joined the fight against the party. The three present party members made decently short work of the trodgolytes and decided to spend the night in the bone litered house.



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