The Felling of Nortlend

The Fishing Bandits

The party meets up with an unknown drow in the tavern as they ready to take care of the bandits up north. This drow decides to join their party for at least this mission. They then proceed to march along the shoreline until they reach the bandits camp. Although as they are reaching the camp they realize that it is more of a fishing village than a bandits encampment. Seeing this, Kaziden tells the rest of the party he will sneak in and try to eavesdrop to determine what is going on. Instead he sneaks over to the apparent leader of the village and attempts to kill him.

Seeing this, the party is in disarray, J5 runs to warn the fishermen of the ongoing danger, while Rafiki Ja’far Wallace joins Kaziden in the assault. Bard Pitt and Ragnar the Red attempt to make peace with a man. They ask him about the bandit rumors. He tells them that there are “demi-gods” that regularly force their men to run raids with them. These demi-gods keep a portal in their village through which they enter. In all the confusion Vladmir-Gacy Bateman stays away from battle in confusion. Once as many people as they think they can get to leave have left, J5, Bard, and Ragnar join the battle to help their allies. Kaziden decapitates the leader upon his death.

Rafiki Ja’far Wallace performs the analyze portal ritual on the portal to determine it leads to rocky island, a location due east from where they were situated. The portal is unable to be utilized without a special amulet and the portal itself can shrink to the size of a coin and become portable.

They take the village’s big fishing boat to the island, along the way having to fight some rough water, pelting hail, and rigid wind. Once they reach the island they must then traverse a swamp. In the swamp they pass, two greenscales, a poisonscale, and a crocodile that they must conquer to pass onwards. Once they slay them, they continue onwards to find a castle.

Atop the castle are 2 elven archers that threaten to shoot if they do not turn around. Bard Pitt intimidates the two to open the door and let them in. They then run into the castle, but not even giving them a chance to open the door, J5 rams the door open. They immediately turn right and enter a library. Inside the library sits an elven mage. While they fight the mage, two other guards run up and join the battle. Inside that room is a bookshelf containing a crystal ball, protected by heavy magic. Even after Rafiki Ja’far Wallace, Bard Pitt, and Ragnar the Red say that it is heavily defended, J5 tries to pry it off but is blasted back and takes damage.

They then clean out the kitchen of people and find a secret door in a cupboard, but it is sealed with 6 magical locks so they leave it be for the time being. Kaziden then slits the throat of 3 sleeping people he finds in the sleeping quarters. He attempts the same on a fourth but he wakes up before Kaziden can get close enough to him. He still kills him off quiet quickly however.The party then kills 2 people found in the weapons room, and find 4 magical swords hanging in the closet. Kaziden, after decapitating all of his victims, sacrifices them to his god in return for giving Ragnar the Red a blessing.

There is only one room remaining in the castle they have not checked. This room is filled up primarily with an inactive portal and a trough filled with colored coins. J5 tries taking all of the coins out of the room, but they magically transport back into the trough. They then try throwing coins into the portal and find that the portal seems to activate with a glowing light matching the color of the coin thrown. They discover that upon throwing the red coin in that their portal begins to glow as well. It then begins to glow blue and through comes Kyle, Gardikan, and Telle. They fight an arduous battle. With Telle being the last one alive, they convince him to surrender. He tells them the secret to using the portal and how to get into the hidden room. He also informs them that they work for the chain devil Kyton. They kill Telle even after promising him safety. Kyton then comes through the portal after it glows green. Kaziden however invokes mass amounts of damage on the demon and apparently makes short work of him. Upon hitting him for the last time, he just disappears. Whether he has died or teleports out, the party does not know.

They then head back to the hidden room that turns out to be a treasury. In the treasury they find multiple suits of armor, a bunch of gold, some wound-stitch powder, and a vagabond’s die. After looting the castle they go sleep in the sleeping quarters, while Rafiki Ja’far Wallace studies in the library.



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