The Felling of Nortlend

The Tree of Death

Waking up refreshed in the bone-laden hut that was once inhabited by the troll king Skalmad, the three adventurers Rafiki Ja’far Wallace, Bard Pitt, and Ragnar the Red were ready to set off; continuing once again towards the center of the Vareln Woods. After many hours of walking a blackness begins to loom over them; blocking out the sun. As the near it, they realize this darkness is actually one massive tree. They begin attempting to walk around it counter-clockwise. At first they have no luck finding a way around, but then Rafiki Ja’far Wallace spots a gap in the tree they could squeeze through if they so wanted. So after tying up Felicity, the party ventured in. This path twisted and turned for the entire length they followed it until eventually splitting into two ways. At the end of the one they followed was a hut formed from still living tree bark, peeled up from the trees on either side. In the hut was a monk of Melora who had been granted a vision telling him to wait in that hut until adventurer’s came by and he was to join their party. The current party members were okay with that but did not wish to know his name unless he proved to be a worthy addition.

With their fourth member, they returned to the split in the path and took the one they previously had not. Still cloaked in complete darkness other than the ball of light Rafiki Ja’far Wallace kept near, they marched on. When suddenly, Rafiki Ja’far Wallace, in the lead was dazed by an odor that sprayed down onto him. The rest of the party stopped abruptly behind him, ready for battle. Four dryads dropped down from the trees, attack their victims, pulling them back into the tree only to drop them shortly after. Rafiki Ja’far Wallace tried flushing them out by creating a toxic cloud in the trees but the smart dryad’s avoided and pulled many party members into the cloud. Although still being dazed, Rafiki Ja’far Wallace was unable to keep the cloud sustained for long. Finally however, they were able to slay their fey attackers to march on once again.

After an hour or so more of walking the narrow passageway they had been in opened wide and lights ignited in the air all around them. To the front they see an enormous tree, surrounded by many smaller ones and another dryad standing in front of them. She speaks to them in a slow meticulous Elvish that Bard Pitt relays to the rest of the party. She says “You are the first to get past our guards in a long time. Should you prove worthy the Tree of Life shall grant you gifts to aid you on your journeys.” She informs them that the tree behind her has the ability to restore all life if extinguished. It is the reason the Erasure did not destroy everything. Also through it the Elves first journeyed to the Material Plane from the Feywild. To prove themselves worthy the party must battle the Dryad and her Treant companions. This battle however was not to be to the death. They valiantly battled the dryad and a total of four treants. Though the treants proved annoying as they would grab all that walked by, the party had little trouble dispatching them. After this battle, the party asked for the name of the monk as he had initiated the battle by sprinting headfirst at the dryad and dealing mass amounts of damage. He told his name as Sceadungenga.

Soon after the fey had fallen unconscious, the tree washed its power over them, raising them from their slumber. The dryad congratulated them on their victory and lead them to a part of the tree that vanished to form a doorway. Inside the hole was a room laden with equipment, theirs for the taking, and they took it all. They spent the night outside the tree and in the morning the dryad offered to teleport them to the edge of the massive trees they were in, to where Ragnar the Red has tied up Felecity. Ragnar mounted Felicity and they set out once again towards the Palace of the Gods. Upon arriving at the city once again, Ragnar and Bard put on a public display in attempt to secure him more votes. In this display Bard told great stories of how he lead his party to the Tree of Life and found the origin of the Elves in this realm. He finished the performance with his rendition of the Anthem of the Gods, the anthem of the city. He botched only a few words while singing this song mildly unknown to him.

Instead of renting room in a stable, Ragnar decided it would be best to send her to the castle. Upon arriving however, he noticed that all of the magical lighting that had been pre-installed in the castle, had been extinguished. The castle was left in darkness. He quickly returned to the Palace of the Gods to tell his companions. They rented a room at the Splendiforous Hero, dropped down the portal and journeyed through. Wielding his light, Rafiki Ja’far Wallace leaves the portal room to find Vladmir Gacy-Bateman perched on the throne and the chain devil Kyton at his side. Before they have a chance to react, Rafiki Ja’far Wallace shoots a phantom bolt at the throne. Vladmir, Horn of Rendil in hand, blows it to summon 4 ghouls, one adjacent to each of the party. The combined power wielded by Vladmir Gacy-Bateman and Kyton was more than they had experienced, but even so, with a few lucky shots, and a few unlucky shots from the ghouls, they were able to dispatch their foes. Both Ragnar the Red and Bard Pitt fell unconscious during battle to be wrapped by chains. Their foes were saving their deaths until later to be used in an unknown sacrifice. At victories peak, Rafiki Ja’far Wallace leaps up to cut of the head of his once friend, Vlad. Before the head is severed, Vladmir has time to blurt out, “My master will still win…”



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