Felicity is a war horse, but to solely label her based on her skill in battle would be misguided. She is a horse of the people, everywhere she goes she enchants those around her with her beauty and abilities as prawn queen.

Recent work
Her main companions are Ragnar the Red, Bard Pitt, and Rafiki Jafar Wallace with whom she travels and fights alongside. She is currently running for First Mare of the Palace of the Gods with running-mate Bard Pitt who will be running for mayor in the upcoming election.

Felicity also holds the title of Prawn Queen as mentioned before. This title is shared with Ragnar the Red who is Prawn King.

Scandals are the Pitts
There is much talk among the voters about the relationship between Felicity and her running-mate, Bard Pitt. Now while Bard Pitt claims that he has no interest in her other than as a partner, he has been seen attempting to mount her multiple times as reported by her owner who wishes to remain anonymous. If these accusations are found to be true it could negatively effect the campaign. The people of the Palace of the Gods certainly would not approve of a mayor who would cheat on his alleged girlfriend (Phyllis) with a horse. While Bard Pitt denies any relationship with said Phyllis, it is rumored that he has eyes for the steed and the secretary at the same time.


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