I forgot to inform you all that upon completion of tonight’s last encounter that the lights reignited as if by magic and that on Vladmir Gacy-Bateman’s dead body Sceadugenga found a dark skull. Using your collectively high passive arcanas you all know that this onyx skull has the ability to suppress light in a burst 10 and that Vlad must have somehow temporarily enhanced its powers to cover the entire castle.

The items you respectively collected are:

Ragnar The Red

Shared Suffering lvl 10(Armor) AV
Skybound Armor lvl 10 AV
Survivor’s Armor lvl 9 X2 AV
Potion Bandolier AV2
Map of Unseen Lands AV2
Baldric of Tactical Positioning lvl 8 (Armor) AV

Rafiki Ja’far Wallace

Shimmering Armor lvl 9 AV
Orb of Psychic Conversion lvl 8 (crystal orb) PH3
Dust of Arcane Insight lvl 8 (wondrous item) AV
Raise Dead Ritual Scroll PHB1

Bard Pitt

Belt of Recovery AV


Robe of Quills lvl 8 AV
Elusive Action Ki Focus lvl 9 PHB3
Deathcut Armor lvl 10 PHB1
Darkskull (wondrous item) AV
Full Item Set Zy Tormentor’s Trinkets Page 108-109 of AV2 as follows
Pact Blade lvl 10
Spidersilk Mantle lvl 8
Blackleaf Gloves
Prison of Salzacas


The different color coins located in the trough are:
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Dark Green
Light Green
Translucent Black

Greetings Adventurers!

Your journey begins in the town of Havern where you find a note posted on a bulletin board and respond to its request.

The Felling of Nortlend

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